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Future Development

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In addition to Beijing, Canton and Shanghai, further hotels in China to carry the Minotel flag will be in Macao and Hong Kong. Furthermore, contacts have already been made with independent hotels in the 5 continents. For extremely popular destinations like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Florence, Frankfurt, Venice and London, Minotel is studying the possibility of buying and managing its own hotels in order to satisfy the high demand for accommodation. Minotel aims to include a total of 1'500 hotels (of which 200 in the USA and Canada, 1'000 in Europe and 300 in the main destinations of the planet) in its offer by 2015.

Minotel is counting on new synergies which are well in keeping with its corporate policy to assume truly international proportions. To expand its network outside Europe, Minotel is in the process of launching an international franchising system. The chain sees a potential sale of between 15 and 20 national licences in North, Central and South America, Russia, the Middle East, North Africa, India, China, Japan and Australia. The licences would be sold to hotel groups integrated into the chain, but completely autonomous on the national level. The desired development would have a Swiss label and in the next 10 years Minotel is counting on around 1'500 hotels around the world. The Minotel licence will enable future partners to participate in the continuing growth of the chain and to increase their exposure on several internet search engines.

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Target markets are the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland. For its European network, Minotel will continue to be active in the tour operator sector, notably overseas, in China and Japan. It goes without saying that Minotel will also focalize on developing the number of electronic distributors. Whereas business travellers used to come mainly from Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the number of business customers from European countries will continue to massively increase thanks to the link we offer via the Global Distribution Systems.
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